MÜNZING CHEMIE are using the APLF to showcase their latest chemical novelties for the wet-end production of leather in tanneries.

Syncurol MAX is a unique lightfast and heat resistant fatliquor for all types of upholstery, garment and nappa leathers. Leathers fatliquored with Syncurol MAX, even with significantly reduced fatliquor quantities, result in super soft and extremely lightweight velvet like leathers. Due to the fact that it makes the leather extremely soft and depending on the recipe, a maximum of 70% is recommended against 100% of standard fatliquor quantities.

By using Syncurol MAX with vacuum drying or with wet toggling, the tanner may gain an area yield of up to 4% or more compared with standard production. Colour uniformity and cover of defects is unique, say the company.

Syncurol SEL is their latest novelty for car seat upholstery leathers with good light and heat fastness as well as with a cloth-like texture and extremely fine grain. Syncurol SEL is suitable for all types of car interior leathers especially when chrome tanned.

Edaplin ESR, a polycarboxylic acid derivate based retanning and dispersing agent, is lightfast and heat resistant. Leathers treated with Edaplin ESR need less fatliquor quantities due to the enhanced softness produced by the synergetic effect of Edaplin ESR with suitable Münzing fatliquors. Dyeings of leathers treated with Edaplin ESR are extremely uniform.

Tafigal AS is a special auxiliary to improve tensile and tear strength of all types of chrome leathers including waterproof leathers.

Metolat 1498 is speciality to improve the tensile and tear strength of chrome-free leathers.

The Münzing leather team and Münzing agents and distributors of the Asian region look forward to meeting customers in Hong Kong to discuss all aspects of modern leather production technology.