Silvateam have developed a new series of products and leathers, paying special attention to the requirement of the market for natural feel and ecological products which are chrome free. At Tanning Tech, Silvateam were showing a series of leather produced with their latest wet-white technology as well as a collection of lightweight supersoft leathers.

Ormotan BB is a modified vegetable extract. Leathers tanned or retanned with this product are characterised by a good fullness and roundness. It is suitable for the tannage and the retannage of leathergoods articles, giving a fine and silky grain.

Blancotan AKT liquid is suitable for the production of white leathers, thanks to its excellent lightfastness and high tanning power. It can be used alone or in combination with vegetable extracts both in tannage and in retannage and is particularly suitable for tanning reptile skins.

Blancotan B liquid is a replacement syntan for automotive and white sport shoe leathers. It has excellent light and heat fastness, high tannin content and low values for free formaldehyde/phenol.

Blancotan MSR is a replacement syntan for the pretannage and tannage of any vegetable leather. It can tan pickled pelts with a relatively low amount of product.

Blancotan NT is a neutralising syntan with a strong complexing power towards chrome and low astringency. It penetrates very rapidly shortening the processing time and yielding a fine grain.

Idroflor B is a water-repellent synthetic fatliquor. Leathers treated with Idroflor B have an excellent lightfastness and heat resistance.

Keusol CM is a full synthetic fatliquor which imparts a good softness and light weight nature to the leathers. It is particularly suitable for garment on sheep, goat and cow.

Keusol TK is a new ‘super soft fatliquor’ which is suitable for any type of soft leather. Leathers treated with Keusol TK are uniformly soft, with a low specific gravity and a warm silky touch. Fastness properties of Keusol TK are excellent.

Kurtaminlicker LW is a ‘multicharge’ product with a strong softening effect and a silky touch. Its application is particularly recommended for softy upper, garment and upholstery leathers.

Kurtalicker FG is based on a high selection of oils for the production of automotive leathers with low fogging value.