At Tanning Tech, NBN launched SMARTTAN, a complete equipment line, with gravimetric and volumetric dosing machines, water mixing and dosing machine, drum controller and recipe development and execution software.

It improves process time, measuring and dosing precision as well as process data reporting, thus resulting in optimum chemical, water and time usage, with consequent savings and improved efficiency.

The ST SW software creates, manages and executes all the wet process recipes. It is the Smarttan system’s brain. This software commands all system equipment in such a way that recipes are executed at the highest possible level of efficiency, thus multiplying the technician’s capacity through its recipe development and managing facilities. It comprehensively logs all process events, both automatic and manual, and generates full process reports. Smarttan integrates with the company ERP system, providing accurate process information in real time. A mini-trial version of the software is available to download.