Prima SB-110, an acrylic emulsion, is a technology advancement from the successful Primal SB-100, offering improved embossing properties, fastness to heat yellowing, cut-through resistance and lower surface tack. Prima SB-110 can be used to produce base coats for very soft leathers that are characterised by high wet and dry flex resistance, good print retention, good filling and covering properties. 
For a binder of this softness it has remarkably low tack and good plate release. Leathers base coated with a formulation containing 
Prima SB-110 also retain more of their inherent softness.
Primal SB-155, the new, advanced polyacrylate chemistry has improved cut-through resistance, better fastness to heat yellowing and lower surface tack. Primal SB-155 is a soft acrylic basecoat binder with good embossing properties. The product is particularly suitable 
for high-covering basecoats on embossed leathers. Formulations based on Primal SB-155 have superb plate release and excellent 
print retention. Basecoats formulated with this binder are particularly resistant to cut-through when embossed at high temperatures and pressures, especially on empty crust leathers. This makes 
Primal SB-155 an ideal choice for formulating basecoats for 
corrected and full grain crusts, for example upholstery leather.
Primal SB-110 and Primal SB-155 can each be used either as the sole binder in basecoats or combined with selected acrylic or polyurethane dispersions to obtain a carefully balanced profile.