Italian chemical manufacturers Figli di Guido Lapi have developed two new products, the first a set of synthetic fatliquors for vegetable tanned articles. The range, known as Idrosin FK3/PT/PL 151, provides a soft feel and a full and fine grain. The advantages include a leather where the firmness and looseness are not altered and it has excellent dyeability that leads to perfect finishing. The product range also ensures a complete lack of fatliquor stains on the leather surface. In the final fatliquoring process, the resistance in the bath of pH levels is also improved. The products can be used on articles for white leather alongside synthetic and vegetable tanning agents such as tara. The new range has been added to FGL’s already wide selection of fish oil, lanolin and tallow fatliqours.

The company have also added to their Valanil range of dyestuffs in order to better satisfy their customer’s needs and improve operational techniques. The dyestuff range resists water-based finishing treatments and provides a good resistance to buffing, cleaning and lightfastness if applied to articles such as suede goatskins. The additions to the range offer the same performance and dye tones, regardless of whether the leather has been vegetable or chrome tanned.