Pur N 3306 is a modified polyurethane emulsion for two-tone effects. It does not overload the grain and gives excellent finishing. It is used as a glossy final fixative and has a special touch and softness.

WSM 630 is a water-based silicon emulsion used alone for garment nappa finishing.

It gives a natural and waxy touch.

WSM 610 is a water-based touch modifier agent for nappa and softy shoe-upper leather finishing. It is gives an excellent soft and silky touch.

WRT 7000 is a fluor carbonated polymeric product for use in water proofed and oil-repellent hides and skins. Garments made from the leather treated with this product are hard-wearing without any need be dry cleaned. It can be used in finishing or wet-end processes.

Binder PVP is a modified acrylic co-polymer. It is a medium hard film. If used 100-150g per litre in the finishing mixture, ¦t gives a good covering effect on the leather.

WLV N 445 is a modified oil emulsion. When used as the base-coat, it gives high covering effect and homogeneous finishing. It keeps the natural softness and brightness of the leather and is used for polish finishing.