Eureka 884 is a development from Atlas Refinery based on a combination of high quality natural oils. Eureka 884 gives excellent softness without compromising the break of the leather. Unique in its versatility, Eureka 884 can be used in all types of shoe upper, garment and furniture leathers. Simply adjust the quantity offered for the desired temper.

Eureka ECO-1 is a new all-purpose economical fatliquor. The product is based on renewable natural oils. Leathers produced with Eureka ECO-1 have a smooth silky touch, are lightweight and have a tight break. Heat and lightfast properties are also good.

Eureka RD-6 is a multi-purpose combination fatliquor for use in the production of leathers that require a high degree of softness and good tensile strength. Eureka RD-6 is recommended for a variety of leather articles where bi-sulfited fish oils are used.

Atlasol 4000 is the latest addition to their family of synthetic fatliquors. Leathers produced with Atlasol 4000 are extremely soft, light and fluffy but with a nice silky touch not normally associated with synthetic oils.