Alkrom is a new chromium and aluminium based tanning and retanning agent introduced by Turkish tanning chemical specialists Sisecam. The new chrome containing aluminium tanning agent is used in powder form in the tanning bath due to its readily soluble structure. It has been specifically designed to tan hides or skins to produce white leathers.

It can be used as a tannage, retannage or for producing doubleface leathers. Alkrom has a chromium oxide content (Cr2O3) of 8.0% and an aluminium oxide content (Al2O3) of 10.5%. For the retanning of doubleface, it is recommended that 2-5g/l is used depending on the quantity of water used.

When used during the retannage of hides and skins, it is suggested that 3-4% be offered, based on shaved weight, depending on the type and thickness of the leather.

Alkrom accelerates the penetration and improves dispersion of the tanning agents in the leather. For garment leather, it regulates the density of the fibre structure to give a tighter grain. It also improves the level of dyeing quality, buffing and fastness during the shaving operation. It can also enable the production of white leather without causing any greening of the wool.

Sisecam introduced Alkrom during the All China Leather Exhibition in Shanghai. At the fair they also announced that they have a new warehouse in the northern Chinese city of Qingdao. The new facility has been built to act as a bonded warehouse and supply Sisecam products to tanners in northern China.