Corichem are a technologically avant-garde Italian leather chemicals producer. They have a worldwide network of skilled technicians who guarantee ready, fast and decisive assistance. Their wide range of chemicals includes beamhouse and wet-end products, dyestuffs, leatherboard chemicals, finishing products, pu-transfer products, which are sold all over the world.

New leather chemicals for the Shanghai fair: Corifix W 85/OP is a water-based topcoat for furniture upholstery; Coriground FG2 is a water-based base coat for soft upholstery to enhance full and half-grain leather; Coriground CS 58 water-based base coat for buffed upholstery offers competitive prices.

Coripur CLE is a pu transfer water-based adhesive; Coripur 147/G is a pu transfer water-based basecoat with high flexibility, high softness and high covering power; Coripur 80/30 is a pu transfer water-based topcoat.

Corifob MT is a water-proofing fatliquoring agent; Corfat FN is a synthetic fatliquoring agent; and Coranil H62 is a dye penetrating agent.

Stand G22, Hall W2