Supporting exciting projects at high profile UK universities is an important element of BLC’s ongoing drive to innovate through research and development. BLC has engaged with a number of leading universities to collaborate on key projects to support underpinning science for the leather industry.

Current collaboration includes three EPSRC industrial studentships with Nottingham Trent University, Aston University, Manchester University (jointly with University College Northampton) and University of Cambridge. The three projects are focused on the screening of microorganisms to investigate novel routes for transglutaminase production; the development of collagen as a biomaterial and a study of the collagen ageing process respectively. BLC is also supporting a student from Thomas Bata University in the Czech Republic to investigate amino acid functionality during collagen crosslinking reactions.

Fruitful collaborations with these and other universities in the future will provide a greater understanding of scientific principles fundamental to the development of practical solutions for the leather industry.

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