Gemata launched their Spraystar 3800 spraying machine in 2005, which was successfully installed in two tanneries which are world leaders in the finishing of full upholstery and automotive leathers. Now Gemata have launched a further innovation called Jumbostar SR 3800.

There are many new features in the latest model, following years of experience installing over 200 machines around the world.

The first modification is the increased working width, (now 3800mm). The extra width allows the tanner to also feed the hides/sides into the machine from the belly thus increasing productivity by an estimated 25-30% as well as improving the quality of the end product.

Every part of the leather, which is in contact with the engraved roller during the coating process, has an even thickness and allows a better spreading of the chemical product onto the surface of the leather, without producing pleats or wrinkles.

Improved coating of leather with a corrected grain has also been obtained thanks to an adjustment to the conveyor belt on the new machine. Using the new stucco rollers it is possible to specifically target any defects on the leather with pre-base coat products, leaving the leather surface almost completely clean.

Stucco rollers

Gemata have also introduced a new range of engraved rollers that, used with suitably modified Starplus-S and Jumbostar machines, allow the application of a particular stucco on very low grade leathers, hence improving the quality of the final product.

The rollercoater applied stucco also benefits from having a little less viscosity than the standard stucco applied by hand. It is also suitable for buffing. The G10SS, G14SS and G21SS rollers are designed for the application of stucco onto heavy/medium marked leathers as well as on full grain items.

Diagram key

1) Automatic cylinder exchange bridge

2) Support for reverse doctor blade

3) Support synchro doctor blade

4) Roller unit for detaching leather from the engraved cylinder during synchro processing

5) Belt shape automatically adjusts according to the type of leather being processed

6) Belt control unit positioned on the outer cylinder to eliminate any belt vibrations

7) Doctor blade for cleaning the pressure cylinder to keep the inside of the belt clean

8) Stainless steel belt washing tank with automatic exclusion of brush and belt wiper

9) Spreader: device for feeding and smoothing soft leather in both the synchro and reverse modes

10) Patented feeding mechanism for the reverse finishing of soft leather

11) Roller unit for detaching soft skins from the rubber coated belt

12) Puller: linking conveyor to spread and convey the hides