A new society for fur traders was incorporated in Istanbul in January 2005. It will be known as the Fur Producers and Associates Society (KSIAD) and the six founding members hope to increase their roll call to 150 by the end of the year. Official articles relate only to fur-bearing animals, farmed or wild, but as Türkiye has none of these, members are traders, garment producers who import ready-dressed skins, or auxiliary producers, such as dyers.

Global ambitions took effect immediately with over twenty Turkish companies attending the International Fur Traders Association conference in Copenhagen. They have formed a link with auctioneers, North American Fur Association (NAFA).

Reducing a luxury tax of 21% on imported, finished furs will top the list of priorities. So will education.

‘Customs officials can’t yet differentiate fox from ferret, or mink from moose’, the association’s assistant administrator, Ms Isin Tuzcular, stated.