Leading Chinese woolskin tanners, Henan Prosper, have announced that their new tannery will be completed by the end of this year and they will begin production in early 2003. Henan Prosper will shift production from their three current tanning facilities in the Henan province to a single 35,000 sq m site in Mengchou.

Henan Prosper process woolskin leathers on a number of different lines including lining, footwear upper (slippers), moccasins, babycare, medical skins and woolskin rugs. The new tannery is situated approximately 15km from HP’s current plant in the central western Chinese Henan province. The cost of the new facility is US$6 million and located close to an electrical generation plant and an underground water source.

‘Once the new tannery is up and running we will merge our three plants in to one central location’, says Michael Lu, managing director. The new tannery will employ 500 people and will also be called the Henan Prosper Skin and Leather Enterprise Co Ltd.

The tannery features a number of new pieces of equipment specifically designed for doubleface production which have been imported from Spain and Italy.

HP supply some of the leading brands in the world including Wolverine, Timberland, LL Bean and Hush Puppy and they are the leading woolskin slipper supplier to the US market. They also have major branches in the US and Belgium.