Incoma Srl, part of the Bergi Group, will be exhibiting some new ideas this year. The vacuum dryer Supervacuum Dry, with tables for drying at a low temperature, will be on show. The dryer has been on the market just two years and is designed to dry full grain calf skins at a low temperature with 40-45°C on the table, working at high vacuum, and with a steam temperature extracted from the skins of 18-22°C.

The automatic vacuum adjusting system guarantees the working of vegetable tanned skins with excellent results, preserving the fat inside the skins while maintaining high production volumes and extracting large quantities of water from the skins.

The new 3400mm Reverse Roller Coating Machine is described as the company’s most important novelty this year, and is specifically for rollercoating skins for upholstery or garment, cowhide or similar. The base of this new machine, Supercoat 3400, is taken from the company’s Versus Soft. It has a stronger frame and new concepts that make it easier for the operators to work on and is also easier to clean at the end of the day. The coating quality is guaranteed by a new rubber belt, new engraved rollers and by its variable configuration so it is always possible to find the right setting. Introduction of the skin is made easier by a solid and inflexible device that works with the ABS system to preserve the rubber belt and rollers should the skin jam: this is an active safety device to safeguard the machine if working with very soft skins.

The Versus Soft 1800 will also be on show and Incoma will be conducting practical tests at the fair with soft skins to demonstrate the machine’s effectiveness.

* Parent company Bergi OFB will be presenting Superstar, a new through-feed ironing and embossing machine, designed for clients who need a machine with a limited number of operator rollers.

The product has been called Superstar because it has the same technical and working features as the company’s existing Superpress, and ‘star’ because the new automatic roller changing system is like a star with many points.

The angle of contact between the operator roller and the felt provides a qualitative result, and a separate diathermic oil heating system for each roller allows the operator to change the work in progress without having to wait for the substituted roller to reach the required temperature.

Besides Superstar, Bergi will also be exhibiting their Superpress, plus a buffing line for whole skins and a polishing machine with a wool roller and amber stone.

Incoma will be exhibiting on the same stand as parent company Bergi (Hall 33, Stand C21-D26)