By opening the new location, LANXESS have taken a major step towards expanding their activities in one of Europe’s fastest-growing regions.‘We expect growth in these countries to outstrip that of western Europe in the years ahead, so we’ve decided to tap this potential for LANXESS by setting up our own company’, explains Rainier van Roessel, member of the LANXESS AG board of management.
A crucial factor in the decision to choose Bratislava was its central location for the central and eastern European market. ‘Bratislava offers us just the right conditions to succeed. From here, we can control our activities efficiently and effectively throughout the entire region’, says Bjoern-Flemming Bjoernslev, managing director of LANXESS Central Eastern Europe. LANXESS have recruited some 40 new staff for the fledgling distribution company, around half of whom will be based in Bratislava. The others will work in the branches and the field service. LANXESS previously organised their operations in this region through external distribution agencies.
All thirteen LANXESS business units are active in the four countries.