This polyaldehyde based special tanning agent is making the pretanning of full-substance articles easier than is currently available glutaraldehyde based pretans.
As a new solution for the pretanning of wet-white and vegetable tanned articles the innovative tanning agent improves and simplifies the process. Sellatan CFX liq penetrates easily through the cross section due to its masking effect and is a good pretanning agent for full substance pelts. Furthermore it ensures very good water release during sammying, allowing accurate shaving with better substance control.
Also, because of its low astringency it imparts to leather a smooth, fine and tight grain with good dyeability.
Sellatan CFX liq is electrolyte stable and increases the shrinkage temperature when applied in pickle. For this reason it can be used in the chrome tannage and/or chrome retannage in order to improve softness and help reduce the amount of chrome offered.
Its free phenol and formaldehyde content is negligible and therefore it can be used to produce leathers, which pass the TFL White Line specifications.