The forthcoming edition of Le Cuir A Paris will feature a ‘Performance Table’ in partnership with the French Materio Showroom. The area will present innovative leathers and other materials purely from a technical point of view. Transparent pig leather, anti-heat, thermo chrome (changes colour when touched) and biological leather are just a few examples of the products that will be only display. This area will be in addition to the Trends Gallery which will feature fashion trends in colours and materials for summer 2007.

Le Cuir A Paris has also renewed their partnership with the IFM (French Fashion Institute). This area will show items co-signed by big names such as Weston, Hermès, Louis Vuitton and Arcus for shoes; Agnelle, Morand, Ganterie de St Junien, Poujade and Fabre for gloves (with support from the French Federation of Gloving); and Pollux , J-P Montaigne and Stand Cuir for clothing. The leather materials has been supplied by Bodin-Joyeux (France), SCP (France), Carisma (Italy), Kero Leather (Sweden) and VignolaNobile (Italy), all exhibiting companies at the exhibition.

Le Cuir A Paris will be held February 21-24 at the Parc des Expositions de Paris Nord Villepinte.