Thanks to their high commitment in R&D, ATC have taken a step forward and are introducing new concepts in beamhouse, tanning, retanning and finishing:

* In the beamhouse, their biocide range, which already includes well known Biocide CB, C3, B7, B9, AF and EFT, will soon be complemented by an alternative TCMTB fungicide combining a large spectrum activity against various mould and long term preservation.

* For the degreasing, ATC are introducing a new non ionic and low-foaming surfactant Actol DA. The product is NP free and ethoxylate free and shows superb results when used in the deliming-bating stage. Additionally Actol DA can be sprayed as a spue remover in finished leather without impairing the feel of the article.

* Their chrome-free system has been improved with the arrival of products allowing the production of wet-white and dry-white having a shrinkage temperature from 75 to 85°C, a pure white colour and high mechanical properties. It can be retanned in a way very similar to wet-blue:

Actan FCW is an aldehyde and metal free pre-condensate. The product is the basis of the system: 2-3% should be used in pickle stage along with 2% of Actan WT, a white replacement syntan of high tan content. After basification, wet-white is produced which could be stocked for a long period.

Actan MN is a melamine derivative with high filling power in the loose part of the skin. When used in the chrome-free system along with Actan FCW and WT, it allows the production of dry-white leather, the equivalent of ‘crust’ but without the chrome.

* Actan RF is a new replacement and filling syntan specially dedicated for the crusting process of various wet-blue. It gives excellent body to the leather as well as tight grain and roundness.

* In the finishing range, ATC continue their global offer by including ‘easy to use’ products which are able to perform well both in anionic or cationic system.

Actydull NI 72 is a strong matting agent compatible with any system. It also gives excellent filling of the grain leading to upgrading.

Actywax ST 05 is an amphoteric feel modifier to be added at any stage of the process.

Actywax BCR is a unique proprietary blend of wax and auxiliary which gives a strong burnished effect on any type of leather, even those which have not been vegetable retanned.