‘Yorchem have been steadily increasing sales over the last few years. At the outset of the recession our sales had flat lined for a few months, but not dropped. Since then they have constantly gone upwards. The directors of the company all agree that the number one priority for the company is growth and have invested heavily in new production equipment to satisfy demand for production. It was becoming apparent that if Yorchem continued to grow at such a rate, then new premises would need to be found in the very near future. Changing a busy chemical plants location would be an extremely costly procedure, in both time and money. Large reactors, pipe work and production vessels need to be taken apart, transported and reassembled. Inevitably there would be problems with production and stock controls and customer service could easily suffer during the transition period. When the opportunity to purchase the buildings adjacent to the factory arose, it was something Yorchem could not refuse’, says Julian Osgood, Sales Director.

The new buildings amount to increasing their site by three-fold. They intend to transfer their raw material and finished stock warehousing next door to the new factory, while allowing the production area to double. The new site will also include new offices, application, R&D and QC laboratories and purpose built container loading docks.

Managing Director, Darren Strafford says, ‘This investment demonstrates the commitment and confidence that Yorchem have in the leather industry, it shows that we intend to grow our business and continue to deliver quality products and excellent service at sensible prices.’