New SilvaChimica products for the wet-end include: Ritan S powder is a mixture of vegetable extracts and condensation products of phenol-naphthalene sulphonic acids. It is suitable for the retannage of chrome tanned leathers where good fullness and roundness are required. Moreover, it has a very good dispersing effect so that it can be used in combination with other vegetable and synthetic tannins to improve their penetration and distribution.
Leathers retanned with Ritan S powder are full with a tight grain, easily buffable and polishable.
Blancotan BFS, a dihydroxydiphenyl-sulphonic condensation product, gives good results in the retannage of chrome tanned leathers, which will retain a very fine grain and a soft feel. Due to its excellent light fastness it is particularly suitable for the production of white leathers. It has been designed for all kinds of leathers which require full handle and soft grain, for example nappa, and for a wide range of shoe upper, furniture, garment and split.
Ledosol XT is an electrolyte stable compound with excellent pretanning/ retanning properties. Ledosol XT has the ability of bonding to pickled hides giving a considerable increase in the shrinkage temperature (up to 80°C) which makes it suitable for the pretannage of wet-white. It can also be used during chrome tannage and/or chrome retannage to improve the softness of the leather.
Kurtaflor KLW is a compound based on wax, synthetic and natural oil. It is particularly suitable for the production of leathers with pull up effect, or greasy touch. Due to its slight cationic charge KLW is applied at the end of retannage in a new float at the temperature of 55-60°C.
Keusol LF is a combination of synthetic oil with natural phosphated lipids. The leathers fatliquored with LF are round, soft, with a silky and gentle handle and a low specific weight. LF can be employed to produce high quality nappa garment, upholstery and automotive leathers, where it increases the softness without affecting the grain looseness.
Illo Italiana finishing products: Cirol CWUT9 is a proteic binder to be used in ground and preground phases of covering.
Cirol CW 385 MOD is a wax and oil emulsion studied for a particular article with white effect.
WP9 can be sprayed directly on suede, nubuck and full grain leather to improve water-spot resistance.
PD/K 19 is used in the final handling of covering and gloss to obtain a good shine with light resistance to wet and dry rub.
RPU 023 is a glazing agent of medium hardness with excellent adhesion and physical fastnesses, used in addition with AU CAT. Application is by roller coater.