Aquatop PU 4520 Matt from Rotta is a new aqueous, modified polyurethane dispersion with a matting agent coat that lends leathers a warm and soft touch. The touch is long lasting as it is caused by the pu itself rather than by additional feel modifiers. Aquatop PU 4520 Matt is recommended for upholstery leather.

It can be used on its own; or if a crosslinker is added, then excellent fastness properties can be achieved.

Aquatop PU 4520 Matt can be used on all kinds of milling articles and as a solvent-free top coat for upholstery finishing. It is milky white in appearance and has a solid matter of approximately 20%. It has a pH value of 6.5-9.5, is medium hard and should be stored between 5 and 40°C.