GDS focused on ‘Inspiration to Go’
Under the heading ‘Inspiration to Go’ the complete advertising line of  GDS has been re-designed and visualised. The slogan ‘Inspiration to Go’ here synthesises two essential factors of GDS: The trade fair is a central meeting point for decision-makers from all over the world providing new inspirations time and again as a trendsetter and signpost. At the same time, the inspirations are fast and easy to access for all – during the trade fairs and beyond.   
Inspiration also plays a crucial role in the visualisation. The new series of motifs features individual, imaginatively designed shoe creations made of ice cream, paper, play dough and feathers.
Various artists were inspired by these atypical materials to create a completely new type of footwear especially for this campaign. The basic colour for all artfully staged motifs is white combined with classy black and grey shades.

Global Shoes: ‘shoe fashion all along the line’
The image of Global Shoes as an international market place has also been given a new look. To demonstrate the diversity of the trade fair held in parallel with GDS a deliberately simple language of form is spoken here using only outlines: Be it various categories of shoes, the diversity of heel heights or the scale of sizes form from small children to grown-ups – differently coloured and layered lines and contours symbolise what global Shoes has in the pipeline for visitors and exhibitors. The complete colourful spectrum of the shoe world.  In line with this the new slogan of Global Shoes reads: ‘shoe fashion all along the line’.
These new looks are the recurring theme for all communication measures employed by GDS and Global Shoes, including posters, brochures and banners. Likewise, the websites of the two trade fairs and echo the new design. The new image was developed by the Cologne advertising agency Feuerland and are used with immediate effect.