Spanish chemicals company LFT have recently launched a new organo-chrome syntan, Forestan RH1. This greenish powder is anionic, has a pH of 3+/- 0.5 and contains 12% chrome oxide. Forestan RH1 is specially designed to give soft leathers, with a fine and even grain, without affecting the character of the leather. It is recommended for use in the retanning of leathers for shoe uppers, softy for aniline, nubuck, gloving leather, garment, suede splits and in the pretannage of vegetable tanned leathers. It does not affect the dye intensity, and improves evenness. Recommended for application in the pickle or tanning bath, as a 2-3% application, running for 60 minutes before the addition of the tanning agent. When applied as a retannnage, 4-6% of the product is recommended according to desired properties.