Synthol UF 737 provides all tanners need to fatliquor shoe and bag leather. Smit & Zoon introduced Synthol UF 737, a single fatliquor, to simplify the process. Conventional fatliquoring is often based on three or four fatliquors, whereas Synthol UF 737 is designed to be used alone. Using just one product makes logistics and handling on the factory floor easier.

Syntan DR 686 is a DCD syntan for soft leather articles like shoe, bag and furniture. The product gives a round fullness which improves the belly area in particular and has a strong influence on grain tightness. Syntan DR 686 should be used when ‘just fullness’ isn’t full enough.

Syntan XF 050 is suitable for soft leather articles like shoe nappa and garment and results in an open and lightweight feel with fluffy fullness. Syntan XF 050 results in a relaxed handle and a fine grain after prolonged milling. Due to its dispersing power the product has a positive effect on the penetration time of the dyestuff and other syntans.

For the beamhouse, Synthol DA 112 is a very effective and safe degreasing agent, which is completely ecologically friendly. This means Synthol DA 112 does not contain harmful raw materials such as NPE (nonylphenol ethoxylate), solvents or AOX (absorbable organic halogen).

Smit & Zoon will welcome visitors to their stand at ACLE.

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