Due to its high wetting power, it can be used as an adhesion promoter, even on very greasy and/or hydrophobic leather. The application of Roda pur ADX does not negatively influence the water resistance of the leather.
ADX can also be added to TopCare in order to improve its adhesion. The TFL TopCare system increases the tanneries’ competitive edge by maximising the cutting yield.
The soft upholstery base coat compound Roda base UP is a ready-to-use compound, particularly suitable for very soft upholstery finishing on full grain or slightly buffed leathers.
Its main benefits are:
* Excellent softness
* Very natural look
* Good coverage
* Outstanding light fastness and heat resistance
* Prevents grain overload
The soft pre-bottoming Roda ground UP-XS is a ready-to-use alternative to the classic cationic pre-grounds. UP-XS is an anionic pre-bottoming for upholstery full grain and buffed leathers.
It can also be used in combination with the TFL TopCare system to improve the coverage of defects.
The soft upholstery top coats Roda fix 5771 gloss and Roda fix 5778 dull are ready-to-use top coats, particularly suitable for soft upholstery finishes. Combining these two products, the whole range of customer requirements concerning the degree of dullness can be covered from gloss to dull articles.
Their most important benefits are:
Roda fix 5771 gloss
* Excellent feel, even after ageing
* Outstanding flow out
* Very good ageing resistance with no post-hardening
* Good light fastness and general physical resistance
* High degree of gloss Roda fix 5778 dull
* Imparts a pleasant silky feel
* Excellent dry/wet rub fastness
* Crosslinkable with polyaziridine or polyisocianate
Mauro Magnaguagno or Christian Baumer, TFL Competence Centre Finishing, look forward to giving you more detailed information by e-mail.