Première Vision New York opened its doors to the public on 15–16 January, at Pier 94, to present its Spring Summer 20 edition. For the 39th edition, 220 weavers, design studios, accessories makers, tanners and manufacturers gathered under one roof to present an extensive offer to around 2,700 visitors.

As one of the leading fashion textile shows in North America, Première Vision New York has always connected the best international brands to the fashion industry’s most innovative and creative companies. Exhibitors have the opportunity to conduct productive business, and meet with regular and new clients such as H&M, NYCO, BCBG, Michael Kors and Macy’s (Visionland) as well as Vince, Urban Outfitters, Anthropology, Free People, Aldo, Teknochim, and many more.

“This has been such a great opportunity to see new people… and to see what people are looking for,” commented WIP Atelier.

“We are very happy with the outcome of the show as we were approached by many big brands,” said Teknochim. “We have seen [many of them] showing a great interest in organic and sustainable products that are socially responsible.”

“To better meet our visitors’ needs during this edition of Première Vision New York, the exhibitors’ offering was not only complemented by fashion information provided by our team of experts, but also an extensive programme of talks and demonstrations on sustainability and technology.

“This allowed visitors to get a better notion of the profound societal shifts impacting the industry. The result was a full 360° fashion experience that helped designers prepare their next collections through inspirational spaces and sourcing solutions.”

Smart Creation Area

The Smart Creation Area proved to be a hit at this year’s Première Vision New York, with an increasing number of brands trying to find solutions to transform their creations into more sustainable and eco-friendly products.

The Smart Library showcased the latest innovations from 30 Première Vision New York Fabrics and Accessories exhibitors. These samples were displayed in three categories – responsible, natural or transformative – to help visitors get a better understanding of the offer.

The Smart Wardrobe displayed four outfits that illustrate the success of current sustainable fashion brands. On show were a suit from Erin Snow, a 3D-printed dress by Sylvia Heisel, a swimsuit and skirt by Mara Hoffman, and a denim overall by Eileen Fisher. In addition to the Wardrobe, Sylvia Heisel presented her 3D printing machine, explaining how technology is essential to creating the materials and garments of tomorrow.

These brands’ initiatives, and many others, were presented through Smart Talks moderated by our sustainability consultant Giusy Bettoni. The conferences and debates covered a large array of topics, ranging from circular economy to zero-waste fashion, synthetic reproductions of colours and dyes found in nature to organic and innovative materials. Amanda Parks, Dana Davis, Erin Isakov and many others presented the latest solutions to today’s main sustainable and economical challenges.

Made in the USA

This edition saw a very positive increase in US manufacturers. Due to the renewed partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), 13 exhibitors were present to promote ‘Made in USA’ manufacturing. To support this initiative, this edition’s brand ambassador, Ramon Martin from TOME, showcased a capsule collection created with fabrics from Subalpino and manufactured in New York City. Like many of our visitors, Ramon Martin believes that “manufacturing in the USA supports [their] practices of transparency and collaboration and helps [them] make some great designs”. The offering is expanding every edition and will continue to grow in the future.