Vietnam’s exports of waterproof shoes and soles of shoes to Canada has not been harmful to or threatened the footwear industry of Canada, stated the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) on Tuesday. As a result, Vietnam’s products in this category will not be subject to Canadian anti-dumping taxes, according to the Vietnamese Ministry of Trade (MoT).

The MoT said that the CITT statement does not only protect the legitimate interests of Vietnamese footwear firms but also creates favourable conditions for footwear importers and distributors in Canada, the US and other countries to continue investing and doing business with Vietnam.

The Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) conducted a year-long investigation into the lawsuit against Vietnamese footwear exporters which was filed by the Shoe Makers Association of Canada (SMAC).

Six Vietnamese footwear producers were involved in the action. Vietnam responded to all 92 questions asked by the CCRA and sent a 1,000-page document proving that Vietnam has never dumped warterproof shoes and soles.

Source: Vietnam News Agency