Turkish leather chemical producers, Sarchem, have launched a new range of acrylic resins for all leather types.

The new products include the following:

Saracryl S is a co-polymer dispersion of high viscosity. The resin gives excellent fullness, firmness and uniformity of grain as well as a round touch. It especially improves the basecoat application.

Saracryl S is recommended for the retanning of all types of leathers and particularly for chrome leathers. It is used in order to obtain fullness, softness and tightness of the grain. Retanning with Saracryl S avoids raising the grain.

Saracryl 529 I is a medium soft, deep penetrating binder designed for impregnation of corrected leathers and splits. Saracryl 529 I prevents grain break and imparts a very smooth and uniform surface.

Saracryl 529 I is a impregnation binder. It is used 250g/litre by mixing with Sarpen 821 in the ratio 1:1. It is recommended to be used in the impregnation base of buffed leathers which demand good fullness.

Saracryl 545 is a very highly concentrated self crosslinkable acrylic resin used for upholstery, splits and corrected grain leathers. It produces a soft, elastic film with outstanding physical properties.

It is recommended to be used in the first coat of nappa and upholstery leathers which are required to be soft and full. To gain fullness, Sarchem recommend use in the basecoat with Saracryl 559 and other binders in order to provide coverage and fullness.

Saracryl 546 is an excellent general-purpose self-crosslinking binder. It forms a medium-to-hard film and delivers superior wetfastness properties and dry surface handle.

It is used in basecoat applications of all types, especially to improve the wet and dry rubfastness properties.

Saracryl 547 is a self-crosslinking acrylic binder with good overall fastness. It provides a soft, transparent and elastic film with good filling and covering properties.

Saracryl 547, being a self-crosslinkable binder, can be used on all types of leather in order to increase the physical resistance (especially against water) of the leather. In the application of the first coat and the pigment finish coat, it can be used on buffed and bookbinding leathers.

Saracryl 553 C is a blend of selected binders and additives, which forms a medium soft and low tacky film with high viscosity. This product exhibits good physical properties such as good filling, embossability, covering characteristics and reduction of tackiness.

Saracryl 553 C is recommended to be used as a compact binder on basecoats of corrected grain upholstery, shoe upper leather and especially for soft leathers. Due to its softness and covering properties, Saracryl 553 C can be applied by rollercoater or spray finishing.

Saracryl 556 C is a blend of selected binders and additives, which form a slightly opaque, soft and low tacky film of medium viscosity. Due its high physical properties, Saracryl 556 C is used for achieving good coverage and embossing properties. It also provides good softness characteristics to the leather.

Saracryl 556 C is recommended to be used as a compact binder on basecoats, especially for the finishing of buffed upholstery leathers and softy leathers. Due to its softness and coverage features, Saracryl 556 C can be applied using simple formulations.

Saracryl 557 CSR is a modified polymer resin combination designed for use on splits and corrected side leather. It produces a very soft and elastic film and imparts good filling and covering properties. 557 CSR also provides good smooth plating and embossing characteristics as well as an excellent print retention.

Saracryl 557 C SR is especially suited for finishes on splits and grain leather. This finishing product can be applied by padding, spraying, curtain coating or rollercoating.

Saracryl 559 is a soft acrylic binder designed especially for high covering basecoats. It shows low surface tack and very good plate release and print retention. Basecoats are especially resistant to ‘cut through’ when embossed at high temperatures and pressures.

Saracryl 559 is used as the principal resin in basecoat formulations for full-grain and corrected grain leathers, especially upholstery.

Saracryl 562 is an acrylic resin developed for basecoats which exhibits high physical properties such as flex fastness, resistance to high and low temperatures and, most of all, it shows extremely good embossing properties. It does not cut through at high temperatures and pressures. Due these properties, Saracryl 562 is especially recommended for use as a binder for furniture and automotive upholstery leathers.

It is recommended to be used on base coats of automotive and furniture upholstery leathers. Saracryl 562 increases the flex endurance and the rubfastness of the leather. It reduces whitening occurring because of heat and also prevents embossing and piling stickiness.

Saracryl CT 5360 gives a hard and brilliant film. It has been designed for use alone or in combination with other cationic resins in topcoat formulations.

Saracryl CT 5362 is a universal base coat cationic binder and forms a soft and brilliant film. Recommended for use on all kinds of leather, especially on nappa, garment and other soft types of leather.

Saracryl CT 5364 is successfully used alone or in combination with Sarpur CT 3342 as well as pigments and auxiliaries for cationic finishing formulations.

LT-A5898 is an anionic polyacrylate dispersion which forms a clear, soft and tacky film with high elasticity.

Such properties allow LT-A5898 to achieve deep penetration in the cross-section of the leather as well as tightening the grain.

It is particularly recommended for finishing all types of corrected and full grain materials.

This product has particularly good filling and impregnation properties.