Joining Stahl in Austria, his home country, in 1965, he moved to Waalwijk, Holland, in 1969 as research and development manager and was soon to become operations manager of Stahl Holland. He was appointed general manager of Stahl Holland in 1977 and director of Stahl operations Europe in 1983. Just three years later he became general manager Stahl Europe and in 1991 general manager for the whole of Stahl’s worldwide business. When the Stahl Group became an autonomous organisation, Vaskovich’s successful leadership during its ownership by ICI, Zeneca and Avecia, made him the obvious choice for the position of president and ceo.
Although he retired on December 31, 2003, he nevertheless continued as a valued member on the board of Stahl Holdings until mid 2006, helping out on more than one occasion by standing in at exceptionally short notice even as far away as Singapore.
Willi Vaskovich will undoubtedly be remembered by so many friends for his friendship and dry sense of humour. Stahl and its staff and friends offer sincere condolences to his partner, children and grandchildren, to other members of his family, and to friends and ex-colleagues who are to be found throughout the leather industry.