The significant number of new features this new drum incorporates allows further improvements in the performance, savings and results that Cangilones drums have been providing, which include: twice the capacity of a conventional drum, energy savings of 70% and water savings of up to 50%. (See Leather International November 2001, ‘Working with Cangilones’). 
Among other improvements, Cangilones Next features increased drum capacity, allows easier loading and unloading of huge drum loads (up to 24,000 kg), makes drum operation and automation more comfortable, as well as offering simplified temperature monitoring and control. Tearing effect is reduced to zero.
The increased loading capacity, improved quality resulting in better hide and skin grading and fast return of investment are just some of the reasons given by Olcina’s customers for making the switch from conventional drums to the various Cangilones Next drums for wet blue, retanning and dyeing.
New Drum Automation System: System Process NEXT – Wonderware
Olcina are also launching System Process NEXT, which was developed in close co-operation with Wonderware partners to provide new tannery automation software incorporating the latest SCADA visualisation system. System Process Next (pictured above left) is a standard user-friendly automation software package, that can be easily personalised and adapted to each customer’s plant requirements. It can store, manage and execute recipes; manage chemicals/ raw material stocks and issue many kinds of reports and subsequently exchange this information with the tannery’s ERP (enterprise resource planning) system.