Taking place at the Lahore International Expo Centre, this third successive show was jointly organised by all stakeholders of Pakistan’s leather sector, including Finished Leather (Pakistan Tanners Association – PTA) and Leather Footwear (Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers Association – PFMA).

The collaborative organisational effort looked to build on the momentum gained from the previous events and to achieve several primary objectives. These were to portray and improve the positive image of Pakistan to the global business community; to motivate the leather business entrepreneurs for business growth; to enhance the confidence of Pakistan’s business investors to attract the international market to the country’s potential; and enhance the nation’s domestic strength in order to provide a viable platform for joint ventures between the allied industries of the leather sector of Pakistan and foreign companies.

Strong potential

In order to maintain the regular practices of the show, this year also included a trend gallery that was designed and prepared with the assistance of PIFD (Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design, Lahore) to provide a platform to visitors and buyers – particularly foreign ones – to witness new arrivals and innovative articles of finished leather, leather shoes, leather garments and products. Several breakout sessions and seminars also helped buttress the three-day event, including those to discuss various issues of concern to Pakistan’s leather industry.

A strong French delegation attended, including representatives from Cuirs et Peaux de l’Ouest, Nick Winters and Covico and Fortain. PTA and PITCO jointly welcomed them, and activities included visits to tanneries in Lahore, including Siddiq Leather Works, Royal Leather Industries and Eastern Leather.

A lunch meeting was also arranged by PITCO in honour of the French party, during which each member of the delegation delivered presentations regarding the state of hides and skins.

The Mega Leather Show in Lahore is making its mark to help bolster the leather sector of Pakistan and its potential is growing with each year. 