Pittards have developed an organic tanning system that can successfully incorporate a range of advanced technical properties. Traditionally vegetable tanning produced unstable results, could not be successfully treated with technical applications and has not been seen as a realistic option to chrome and other more modern tanning methods.

In recent years, the Pittards’ team of chemists and scientists in their research and development divisions have been working on an organic tanning system that would give the same results and potential for technical benefits as modern tanning methods and a satisfactory system has now been developed. This new organic tanning system includes in its benefits perspiration resistance and the ability to be dyed to a high colour standard.

Pittards are now in the process of launching organically tanned leathers under three derivative areas: Artan, Glacier and Botanic. All these leathers are biodegradable.

Artan is Pittards full vegetable tannage which has a superb texture. The leather will also deepen in colour and develop all the desired characteristics of ageing graciously in use. The Artan range is especially appropriate for leading global leathergoods brands.

Glacier, an organic tannage, is a white waterproof tannage which can produce clear, clean colours. It is water repellent, perspiration resistant and allows enhanced breathability.

The Botanic organically tanned leathers are already attracting interest from top brand footwear manufacturers. One Botanic leather has already been developed specifically for a leading brand name and a second leather in the Botanic group was launched at Lineapelle in May 2002.

Richard Malin, Pittards’ Marketing Director, said it was a great step forward for the company and for the leather industry to have perfected the new organic tanning system. ‘Chrome tanning still, of course, offers various benefits including consistency, reliability and stability and is still a preferred choice of many manufacturers’, he said.

‘However, the new Pittards Organic Tanning System will now offer designers and manufacturers the opportunity to make real choices on the appropriate leather tannage for the product they plan to make and the marketing proposition they wish to promote.’