German machinery company IMAK have launched a new firm measuring system called HMS/F500-1. The model provides measurement of soft and elastic materials such as leather and other natural fibres.

Advantages for the user include high accuracy when measuring elasticity, firmness and thickness of the tested material, allowing the user to assess the leathers’ quality and physical properties.

It is suggested for use in the following areas: quality control and quality assurance, research and processing to assess processability, and in laboratories to assist in wear issues such as squeak behaviour. Essential components include a strength-sensor, testing sledge, EUT and open path-measurement. The test head is interchangeable to allow for measuring a variety of materials. The system can be operated with the purchaser’s existing PC.

IMAK also manufacture an air permeability measuring system type APMS/D120R-1. The system offers a fast and accurate method of measuring air permeability in various load and atmospheric conditions. The leather is inserted into a divided cylinder that is filled with three bar compressed air. One cylinder is vented so that air flows through the leather. The measurement is recorded when the air in the cylinder reaches a certain pressure.