Poland’s Central Statistics Office reports that Poland imported raw hides and skins worth US$18.8 million in the first half of 2004. The highest imports worth US$2.56 million came from the UK, followed by imports worth US$2.28 million from Germany and US$1.82 million from Australia.

Poland also imported tanned leather worth US$241 million in the same period. The highest imports worth US$118 million came from Italy, followed by imports worth US$35 million from Germany and US$21 million from the UK.

Leather products’ imports were worth US$69 million, including imports worth US$33 million from China, US$8 million from Austria and US$6 million from Italy.

In the same period, Poland exported live bovine animals worth US$85 million. The highest exports worth US$39 million were delivered to Italy, followed by exports worth US$13.5 million to the Netherlands and US$13 million to Spain.

Raw hides and skins worth US$11.7 million were also exported. The highest exports worth US$6.94 million were again delivered to Italy, followed by exports worth US$1.03 million to Germany and US$1.01 million to Sweden.

Poland also exported tanned leather worth US$49.7 million in the same period. The highest exports worth US$31.5 million were delivered to Germany, followed by exports worth US$4.82 million to Italy and US$2.73 million to Slovakia.

Leather products’ exports were worth USS91.7 million, including exports worth US$34.6 million to Germany, US$22.2 million to the UK and US$9.56 million to Hungary.