Inspiramais is Latin America’s foremost design and innovation exhibition. The event, which is to be held at the Pro Magno Events Center in São Paulo on 16–17 January, will offer a preview of what the market will look like in the summer of 2018.

Covering the entire textile and footwear chain, and presenting more than 700 innovative materials for the fashion industry, this 15th edition of the show expects to generate more than the $2 million of business that was recorded at the June 2016 instalment. 

Brazil’s clothing and footwear industries will gather at Inspiramais, with unprecedented integration of these two chains. Its reach is also expected to attract buyers from Latin America, the US and Europe. With plenty of potential for business transactions, a number of projects and launches will demonstrate the essence of Brazilian fashion, highlighting innovation through design, technology and sustainability, all of which have been major contributors to the event’s success and international recognition over the years.

Representatives of the entire Brazilian fashion production chain, including those from footwear, accessories, leather, textile, jewellery, furniture and manufactured goods industries, will have the opportunity to learn about more than 700 new raw materials that will make up the products on display in the summer 2018 windows, in addition to the winter previews for that year. Inspiramais is unique in Latin America in that it encompasses fashion research, references and raw materials for manufacturers.

A meeting of like minds

“Inspiramais is the business centre for the fashion and design industry, involving other sectors like footwear, handbags, accessories, and clothing,” says Milton Killing, president of the Brazilian Association of Companies of Components for Leather, Footwear, and Manufactured Goods (Assintecal). “It’s the moment when manufacturers interested in fashion and in good business deals have their first contact with the new developments presented by the Brazilian components industry for the next season.”

This edition fills a gap that had previously existed in its scope: the clothing sector. The expansion of the grounds has made it possible for textile and clothing companies to participate, and there will be an exclusive space for exhibitors from the former.

In addition, a joint initiative has been established between Assintecal and the Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association (Abit). The proposed objectives of this partnership include the development of joint projects that benefit and strengthen the entire fashion industry, thus combining the expertise of the components and textiles sectors.

Sustainability, which is an increasing pressing concern for companies, will be also be highlighted at Inspiramais. A special space dedicated to this issue, will enable the dissemination of ideas that can be implemented throughout the entire material development process of components manufacturers. Mix by Brasil, Sustainable Origin, EcoDesign and Handcraft Knowledge are some of the projects that will be highlighted and approached from new perspectives.