Warm sunshine, the sound of the sea beyond golden sand and the shade of a luxurious palm tree could be the ideal spot for a young lady to dream of the warm sunny colours that will take over from the previous winter, mixing with neutrals to bring a sense of being alive and real optimism. No doubt it is the inspiration for the season’s poster.

Just as Stahl’s colours are lively, so too the names of the four groups, Fastfood, Fastgame, Fastlife and Fastweb, give a sense of vibrancy and speed for the year of the next Olympic Games.

Colours for the Fastfood group are inspired by nature. They are bright and warm. Red, orange, green and yellow contrast with brown and cream, all in shades derived from spices, vegetable, wood and other sources in nature. Dress styles are those of ‘old country’ as seen in the city, a feeling of retro British. Cuts and materials are new. Both matt and gloss give a casual elegance to the sporty look. Mother-of-pearl may provide additional enhancement.

Fastgame moves into a world of almost primitive primary colours, the vivacious colours of childhood. Blue is added to the spectrum. The trend is young and modern. A simple and showy way of dressing leads into a world of playtime for adults and ‘small boys’. The monochromatic colours are reminiscent of the 80s and, like then, they contrast with a pinkish beige background and with black.

Toning down the colours leads into Fastlife, a range of gentler, softer tones that are more neutral and more passive. They are ideal for the tangled mix of contrast between handmade and manufactured while giving a slightly past retro that looks into the future. Sobriety and luxury join in a fluidity of images.

Finally, as might be expected, Fastweb is the world of tomorrow with techno effects and minimalist styling. Colours are cold and lack emotion. White is used for contrast to break monotony. Both style and colours look towards the simple and towards futuristic art.

The Colour Preview booklet is lavishly illustrated, providing the reader with a wide-ranging insight into the look of the colours for Spring and Summer 2012. Here is clothing, footwear, furniture, décor and much more. There is something everywhere to catch the eye and hold the interest.