Italprogetti introduced two new pilot scale drums for wet-end and milling trials at Tanning Tech.

The Italian machinery company have modified and upgraded their laboratory drum, which includes a patented heating and cooling unit. Using the new system the temperature can be lowered rapidly after processing at higher temperatures. This is particularly useful when washing after dyeing. Likewise the drum can also be heated rapidly between or during process steps.

The laboratory drum is fully guarded and is made out of stainless steel with a clear plastic side panel so that the process can be visually monitored. Temperature, drum speed and pH can all be monitored.

Italprogetti have also designed a pilot scale milling drum for tanners to carry out product development trials or small customer orders. The drum is fully guarded and has full water and chemical addition facilities. It is made from stainless steel with a painted exterior. It has all the same parameters as the larger full size milling drum.