Whittemore-Wright Company were established in 1908, in Charlestown, USA, the historic district of Boston, Massachusetts. Through their Morite range of products they have been providing tanners with a wide range of tanning oils, natural and synthetic fatliquors, antifoaming agents, syntans, fillers and degreasing compounds.

Whittemore-Wright offer almost every conceivable type of raw oil, animal, vegetable, mineral, marine, synthetic and petroleum to the tanning industry. They have five facilities in the US including Chicago, Milwaukee, New York, Peabody and Boston in Massachusetts.

Through three generations of a family-owned business they have dedicated themselves to producing the finest quality tanning materials available. Dedication to customer service has played a major role in their position of prominence. They include laboratory staff and technical representatives who work closely with tanners to identify the optimum application of their products to a particular process and they will also customise special products to a tanner’s specification.