The importance of white hides in some markets has encouraged the Spanish chemicals company Quimser to develop some new products for white from retannage to fatliquoring. The latest product to come out of their Barcelona located laboratories is Sertan ELB which joins the latest developed products related to lightfastness and white colour.

Sertan ELB has been developed for any kind of white leather in answer to market needs. It is completely synthetic and designed for getting a deep white in combination with the new fatliquors and retanning agents produced for this aim.

Other new products are Sertan DCB and Sertan D3. One is a modified melamine and the other modified dicyandiamide. Both products have a good filling effect, grain flexibility and lightfastness.

In the polymeric side, Quimser have two new products Sertan ARC and Sertan DCL, both liquid complexed polymers that ensure a complete distribution all through the leather, fullness and firm grain that can be used at any stage of the process due to their good stability.

As far as products of phenolic nature are concerned, there is Sertan EL Liq and Sertan BSF. The first is a retanning phenol of general use for fullness with excellent light resistance and the second is the powder version.

Sertan W is the dioxiphenol sulphonic product of the range.

It is a bleaching syntan, lightfast, and improves the evenness of the dyeing. Its use in the retanning of chrome-tanned leather gives a tight and flat grain, with excellent buffing ability. At the end of the vegetable tannage for sole and light leathers, a bleaching action on the tannage colour is shown.

With regard to fatliquors, the company have launched synthetics, crude, sulfated and sulfited oils. Both Seroil TL and Seroil PB-2 are sulfated synthetic triglycerides with a high degree of sulfation. These fats give a maximum fullness, softness and very natural handle.

Seroil TTK and Seroil N are sulfited vegetable and sulfited-synthetic fatliquors for very soft articles. These fats have good fixing properties to the leather fibre. As they have good stability to electrolytes, they can be used as a prefatting oil in tanning baths.

To complete the range there are two classics of the company: Seroil SF, a non-oxidable fatliquor with excellent penetration which stabilises fatliquor emulsions and improves the fatliquoring uniformity in general; and Seroil M, a raw inoxidisable and unrancid neatsfoot oil to be mixed with any fatliquor composition.