Unimatik exhibited at Tanning Tech as a single company following the well-documented break-up of the Poletto Group. They celebrated their independence by launching an evolution of their three compartment retanning and dyeing drum – Unik New 8500.

The Unik New 8500 is made from stainless steel 304 and has the capacity to process 2,100kg of shaved wet-blue. A separate model for tanning is also available made from stainless steel 316. The machine can be fully operated automatically and is computer controlled. Temperature, pH and drum speed can all be automatically adjusted or programmed into a set recipe.

The new device has a single automatic door for loading/unloading each compartment.

The door has been enlarged to allow the fully tanned or dyed and retanned material to simply slide out into a collection tray for horsing and draining. Both hides and sides can be processed in the Unik New 8500.

Each of the three compartments are fully perforated which allows a lower float to be used and thus the greater concentration of leather chemicals gives a faster processing time.

Since Unimatik left the struggling Poletto Group last spring, they relocated to a new factory close to Bologna. The ownership and administration of the company have changed however; 15 of the former Unimatik personnel have remained with the company.