Spanish tannery automation and drum manufacturers, Olcina, have designed a new rotary coupling device, which can be fitted to any drum axle. The new equipment called the Total Explorer, is smaller than usual rotary couplings and requires less maintenance.

The device allows limitless positioning and offers a more precise control of a number of operations. With the new coupling, more complex washing, draining and data downloading may be carried out.

The coupling provides on-screen data for drum speed, pH probe and pressure sensor information. The new equipment can be programmed to control the compression/decompression of valves, which includes one-way auto-door option. Information can automatically be sent to and from the drum during processing and is particularly useful for tanners who use a high level of automation in their processing.

The new rotary coupling is smaller and requires less maintenance than traditional two-way coupling devices. It can measure the angle of compression/decompression and float length, draining and temperature can all be monitored. As well as saving space, Olcina also claim that the Total Explorer is cheaper to buy and operate than two-way couplings.