The traditional, family-run company Rotta GmbH is the latest Mannheim business to be declared insolvent. The producer of leather, textile and paper chemicals is insolvent but not heavily in debt. The temporary insolvency lawyer Markus Ernestus declared that the application will be filed as soon as possible so that the company can continue to operate under insolvency rules.

The company has 50 employees and is active around the world but, according to a statement by Ernestus, the ten subsidiaries are not affected.

Ernestus’ statement suggests that Rotta GmbH is blaming the problems on the dwindling textile industry. However, the subsidiaries in France, Italy, Türkiye, Brazil and Asia are currently performing well.

The third generation company was founded in 1884 in Zwickau and moved to Mannheim in 1950. After Germany’s reunification, the company reacquired the facilities in Zwickau where it strengthened its products for the paper industry. Worldwide, the Rotta name signifies €52 million turnover, with the German business accounting for around €28 million.

Source: Mannheimer Morgen