With the proliferation of RFID skimming devices that are cheap and widely used in major transportation hubs, Royce Leather has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers that have answered the call by offering a functional and stylish method of protection from identity theft.

Royce Leather’s best selling bifold wallets in black and coco as well as passport ticket holders, passport currency wallets and passport jackets in black, tan and wildberry are now equipped with RFID blockers. Royce Leather employs a multi-ply, laminate security barrier that limits the flow of radio frequencies between an RFID skimmer and an RFID chip. As identity theft, stolen credit card information and other threats to personal security have raised data security to high levels of public awareness and brought into question the hazards associated with RFID chips, RFID blocking products have grown exponentially in popularity, especially in the travel, hotel, financial and high-tech markets. It is essential that in a world in which emerging technology raises significant privacy concerns, consumers can be confident by taking proactive steps to avoiding identity theft.

Royce Leather Gifts, whose rich history dates back to Austria in 1944 with artisan Eugene Bauer’s executive gift designs and now is in its third generation of operations. They are now located in Secaucus, New Jersey.