With an investment of $5 million in a new beamhouse at their flagship Esperanza plant, Sadesa will pursue four targets contained in their policy of being a world leader in those segments which they supply.

* Permanently update their machinery with the latest technology

* Proactive environmental protection initiative by reducing water consumption substantially, resulting in a decrease of liquid effluents and solid waste

* Improve quality standards by incorporating automated processes

* Increase production capacity by 25%

The modernisation consists of redesigning the liming and tanning processes through the construction of around 2,000 sq m and the acquisition of all new state-of-the-art drums, integrating the automatisation of process and chemical product dosages.

The work was due start on July 1, 2002, and the estimated time for the execution will be twelve months. During this period, the normal industrial activities will not be altered and the factory will continue its present output.

Special care was taken not to affect the external structure of the factory in order to preserve the architecture of a building which is more than a century old and is in the historic part of the city of Esperanza.