Building on the experience of their comparable production facility in China, tanners ISA TanTec have implemented an integrated energy and environmental management system for their new plant in Saigon.

Saigon TanTec uses on average only 33 mega joules (MJ) of energy per square metre of leather, in comparison with a leather industry standard of approximately 52 MJ (calculation by BLC – Leather Technology Centre).

The aim of the energy and environmental management system was to make an efficient use of energy, water and chemicals and to carry out continuous monitoring and calculation of the overall energy requirement of the production process. The reduction in energy requirement was achieved by optimising individual formulations, lighting and air conditioning systems and by in-process measures.

Saigon TanTec were awarded the 2nd prize in view of their all-round approach and consistent implementation of innovative technologies in the field of energy and environmental engineering. The company’s strategic energy and environmental management, which takes a holistic view of production and is directed to continuous, environmentally focused optimisation of the entire production. With its ‘LITE Leather’ label, the company has created a mark, recognised in the leather industry, which identifies leather produced in an energy and resource efficient manner.

The savings achieved by Saigon TanTec such as the 40% cut in energy consumption and the reduction in CO2 emissions of 2,700 tonnes per year.

Air conditioning has been replaced with an open design optimised for airflow as well as a 50% reduction in water consumption and 15% reduction in chemical consumption has been achieved.