Peter Zeng, Satra’s China office manager, has taken his first look at the technology centre’s facilities and services and declared them ‘very impressive’. Peter has been the centre’s man at Satra’s Dongguan City representative office in Guangdong Province since January, but pressure of workload prevented him visiting the UK until now.

He joined Satra after ten years in the Asian footwear industry and most recently he was in charge of the Satra-accredited laboratory at the Grosby footwear organisation. As a result, Peter was particularly keen to see Satra’s new £1.5 million laboratory at Wyndham Way, Kettering, which has been fitted out with the latest chemical analysis equipment

‘My main role is to provide liaison on language and culture matters between Satra representatives, members and manufacturers who may become members’, said Peter. ‘Having now seen what Satra has to offer gives me a much clearer picture and much information to present during these important meetings.’

Satra deputy chief executive Richard Turner says: ‘We are delighted to have Peter on board and his knowledge and skills have already proved invaluable in expanding our business in mainland China. ‘With so much footwear and other goods, such as furniture and personal protection equipment being made in the Pearl River Delta, Satra needed to establish a base for its Far East operation in the region and Peter has helped us do just that.’