David Beckham is scoring goals for England and Manchester United wearing boots enhanced by Satra stitching technology.

The England captain is sponsored to wear the Predator range sold by Satra member adidas. Because of huge television exposure of this year’s World Cup and European Champions League games, it probably the most easily*recognised boot in football.

Thousands of pairs for worldwide sale are manufactured exclusively by PT Panarub Industry in Indonesia for adidas, and the company have adopted VisionStitch — Satra’s stitching improvement software system — to help maximise production.

After just two weeks of Satra training, Panarub’s hand-picked team surprised themselves with their latest skills and were able to clearly explain all aspects of the new system to management!

Budiarto Tjandra, business strategy and development manager at Panarub, says: ‘Before we were introduced to VisionStitch, we could not believe that adjusting the motor setting of the stitching machine could actually shorten the cycle time and increase each operator’s productivity.’

‘We reduced the cycle time by around 20% with the corrected speed and machine setting — and also improved ergonomics as a result of ongoing dialogue with our operators.’

‘VisionStitch is clearly a great tool for the improvement of quality and productivity.’

PT Panarub Industry were established in 1976 and formed a partnership with adidas in 1988. Chiefly producing the Predator Mania and Copa Mundial range of football boots, 16 assembly lines created 7 million pairs last year.

‘Panarub is strongly committed to the quality of its products and we believe that our partnership with Satra and the implementation of its systems (such as VisionStitch) will be very beneficial’, added Budiarto.

‘Phil Shaw, manager of Satra’s Management Services Business Area. says: ‘VisionStitch is particularly applicable to the large Asian footwear manufacturing plants where they are expanding rapidly and need to build up the stitching skills quickly and consistently.

‘We have been impressed with the ways in which some of these Satra members have used VisionStitch to establish good working habits that lead to major improvements in both efficiency and product quality.’