Lipsol QPF is a new fatliquor for all types of light coloured automotive and upholstery articles. Leathers show a fine and evenly-milled grain. Lipsol QPF is particularly suitable for chrome-free leathers. Fatliquoring with Lipsol QPF results in good softness and a light and fluffy leather character with excellent lightfastness and heat resistance.

The fogging properties of the leather are not affected with the use of Lipsol QPF and the best results are achieved if Lipsol QPF is used together with other suitable fatliquors such as Lipsol SQ.

Lipsol QLN is a fatliquor for all types of soft leather, especially automotive and upholstery leathers. Leathers fatliquored with Lipsol QLN show a very soft and smooth character with a fine grain. The special composition based on vegetable oils takes into account all the ecological aspects which are expected from modern renewable fatliquoring products. Lipsol QLN can be used alone or in combination with other fatliquors such as Lipsol LD, Lipsol QPF or Lipsol EU.

Ukatan SWL is a multi-purpose liquid syntan for the production of all leather types. It can be used either as a tanning agent in combination with vegetable tannins, or in the retannage of chrome leather, to produce white or pastel shades with a pleasant mellow feel. In the retannage of chrome leather, Ukatan SWL can be used before or after neutralisation.

If applied on dyed leathers, Ukatan SWL has no bleaching effect on the colour but emphasises the brightness of the dyeing. Used as a tanning agent for light coloured, chrome-free leathers, Ukatan SWL can be applied in combination with vegetable tanning agents.