Selin Projects unveiled their ‘NEW TRANSFER for wet-blue’ auto area measuring and thickness sorting machine at Tanning Tech. The machine is an update of the company’s Rollmir Transfer WB model and is suitable for measuring any wet-blue leather.

The new advantage offered by Selin-made machines is the ‘double effect’ feeding system of the wet-blue leathers: firstly a stainless steel table with front-edge-positioned sliding roller helps the spreading of the leather, then a tape conveyor, made with special strong strip belts transports the leather under the measuring rollers.

This avoids the problem of wet leathers that can stick to stainless steel loading tables. This combination makes the machine particularly suitable for measuring all types of wet-blue leathers, from heavy full hides to soft, small and light skins. A second auxiliary tape conveyor allows the leather to pass smoothly and easily through the machine and can transfer the leather to the next conveyor (ie stacker).

The introductory stainless steel table may be very easily removed and in this case the combination of the two conveyors means that the machine can work on a continuous production line (cycle).

The machine’s second auxiliary conveyor may operate in two directions, through-feed and feed-back mode, so as to make it possible for use with the feeding operator only.

The infra-red measuring system has independent sealed measuring rollers, with two stainless steel swing arms, one for each side. The rollers can also be replaced quickly and easily in less than three minutes.

The operator interface is provided with video-screen and full alphanumerical keyboard. The New Transfer for wet-blue has the ability to automatically select and classify hides and skins by size and, as an option, also by thickness or thickness and size together.

Wet-blue can be measured in a series of metric or imperial parameters which can be set by the operator. The new transfer for wet-blue is available in a range of sizes.