Smit & Zoon have announced they are now officially represented by the company Dyeing Tech in Mexico. The agreement was signed at the official opening of Dyeing Tech’s new warehouse and office on November 29, 2005.

In the south of India, Smit & Zoon also have an agreement with Kem Finishes PVT whose partners Mr Saleem and Mr Reddy have a few decades of experience in the market. In Kolkatta, Smit & Zoon entered into partnership with AS Chattha Exim PVT. The Chattha Brothers were already Smit & Zoon’s dealer in the area and were eager to expand their business activities together with Smit & Zoon in the area.

In Kanpur and Dehli, Smit & Zoon are now working with Raj Impex PVT. The brothers Bhansali have been active in the market for many years and are eager in bring Smit & Zoon’s products to their key customers.

In Ethiopia, Smit & Zoon have reached an accord with Melens Privet Limited Company.

With all their new representatives, Smit & Zoon believe they can offer even more value for money than in the past.